martes, 16 de septiembre de 2014


Being able to draw is one thing, having a career in illustration is another. The path may be tough, but there are ways to prepare ahead with the right attitude. So today we have Laszlito, an illustration veteran, share a piece of advice for aspiring illustrators out there.
  1. Focus on drawing. Everything starts with a pencil and a piece of blank paper. All the ideas that you have depend on them. If you can’t articulate your thoughts with these 2 simple tools, you can’t make it no matter how nice your computers are or how updated your version of Photoshop is. You have to put everything on paper first.
  2. Everything that inspires you, not only illustration, are good for your drawing. So keep watching movies, reading comic books, listening to music, being open to new things. Even the things that you don’t like may influence you and your work.
  3. Draw everyday. You need to practice. It’s good to always have a plain notebook that you can carry around. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just draw things without putting pressure on yourself, without thinking that you have to do the best drawing ever. Just practice every day and you’ll gradually improve every day. You’ll learn how to connect your hand with your mind, and how to be economic: tell more with less. You can also check this excellent article by Luis Mendo on practicing drawing.
  4. Publish as much as you can. Share your work everywhere. Don’t be worried about others copying your art. Ask for feedback from people. Be active and be in contact with other artists to share your success as well as your failures. Don’t try to be a winner.
  5. Do not take yourself too seriously. Do not care about your achievements. The important part is to keep practicing and enjoy drawing. That’s very important.

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