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IBBY Announces the 2016 Hans Christian Andersen Award Jury and Nominees

The Hans Christian Andersen Award is the highest international distinction given to authors and illustrators of children's books.  Given every other year by IBBY, the Hans Christian Andersen Awards recognize lifelong achievement and are given to an author and an illustrator whose complete works have made an important, lasting contribution to children's literature.

The 2016 Jury, selected by IBBY's Executive Committee from nominations made by its national sections, comprises the following ten distinguished members from across the globe.  Jury President Patricia Aldana (Toronto, Canada) will lead the Jury to select the winners of the 2016 Hans Christian Andersen awards.

  • Kirsten Bystrup from Frederiksværk, Denmark is a librarian whose Masters degree in Children’s Literature was on the mediation of picture books in kindergartens, with an emphasis on pictures and the intervention of librarians.
  • Reina Duarte from Barcelona, Spain manages the publications department at the EDEBE Group, focusing on fiction and non-fiction for children and young adults.
  • Andrej Ilc from Ljubljana, Slovenia is an editor and Head of the fiction department at the Mladinska knjiga Publishing House.
  • Yasmine Motawy from Cairo, Egypt is a senior instructor at the Department of Rhetoric and Composition of the American University of Cairo.
  • María Beatriz Medina from Caracas, Venezuela is the Executive Director of Banco del Libro. She is also a professor of Children’s Literature at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.
  • Dolores Prades from São Paulo, Brazil and nominated by IBBY Cuba, is a publisher and consultant for children’s literature.
  • Lola Rubio from Buenos Aires, Argentina is an editor and librarian and currently the Academic Secretary of ALIJA/IBBY Argentina. 
  • Susan M. Stan from Minneapolis, USA is Professor Emerita at the Central Michigan University, where she was a professor from 2006 up to her retirement in 2014
  • Qing Wu from Beijing, China is a former professor at the Foreign Studies University in Beijing.  She has a deep interest in human rights, in particular rights for children and women.
  • Shohreh Yousefi from Tehran, Iran is a preschool education manager and children’s literature expert, as well as an editor at the Daftar Feni Publishing House for children and young people.

Former IBBY Vice President Elda Nogueira (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and IBBY Executive Director Liz Page are ex officio Jury members.

The Jury President will guide the judging process and preside at the jury meeting January 2016.  The shortlist will be disseminated immediately following the Jury meeting and the winners will be announced at the IBBY Press Conference at the Bologna Children's Book Fair on 4 April 2016.

The following nominees have been submitted for the 2016 Hans Christian Andersen Awards by the National Sections of IBBY.  For the 2016 Awards 28 authors and 29 illustrators have been nominated from 34 countries. 
  • Argentina: author María Laura Devetach; illustrator Diego Bianki
  • Australia; author Ursula Dubosarsky; illustrator Bronwyn Bancroft
  • Austria: author Renate Welsh; illustrator Linda Wolfsgruber
  • Belgium: author Bart Moeyaert; illustrator Rascal
  • Brazil: author Marina Colasanti; illustrator Ciça Fittipaldi
  • Canada: author Kenneth Oppel; illustrator  Pierre Pratt
  • China: author Cao Wenxuan; illustrator Zhu Chengliang
  • Colombia: illustrator Claudia Rueda
  • Croatia: author Miro Gavran
  • Denmark: author Louis Jensen; illustrator Lilian Brøgger
  • Egypt: author Affaf Tobbala
  • Estonia: author Piret Raud
  • France: author  Timothée de Fombelle; illustrator François Place
  • Germany: author Mirjam Pressler; illustrator Rotraut Susanne Berner
  • Greece: author Eleni Dikaiou; illustrator Lida Varvarousi
  • Iran: illustrator Pejman Rahimizadeh
  • Italy: author Chiara Carminati; illustrator Alessandro Sanna
  • Japan: author Eiko Kadono; illustrator Ken Katayama
  • Republic of Korea: illustrator  Suzy Lee
  • Latvia: illustrator  Anita Paegle
  • Mexico: illustrator  Gabriel Pacheco
  • Netherlands: author Ted van Lieshout; illustrator Marit Törnqvist
  • New Zealand: author Joy Cowley
  • Norway: author Toråge Bringsværd; illustrator Lisa Aisato
  • Palestine: author Sonia Nimr
  • Russia: author  Andrey Usachev; illustrator Mikhail Fedorov
  • Slovakia: author Daniel Hevier; illustrator Peter Uchnár
  • Slovenia: author Svetlana Makarovič; illustrator Marjan Manček
  • Spain: author Agustín Fernández Paz; illustrator Miguel Anxo Prado Plana
  • Sweden: illustrator Eva Lindström
  • Switzerland: author  Franz Hohler; illustrator  Etienne Delessert
  • Turkey: author Gülçin Alpöge; illustrator Ferit Avci
  • UK: author Elizabeth Laird; illustrator Chris Riddell
  • USA: author Lois Lowry; illustrator Chris Raschka

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